Coil Audio PS6 rack with 5 ch. CA-286 or CA-70

The PS-6 Rack Tray and Power Supply Unit provide power, housing, and XLR I/O for up to SIX of our High-Voltage Coil Audio Modules.

The 2U Power Supply Unit is made of brushed aluminum and fits any 19" standard rack. It features a 'soft-start'/standby of the modules by allowing you to switch on the Filament and B+ separately. This allows you to warm up the filaments before applying the high voltage B+, keeping tube wear to an absolute minimum. A third switch matches filament current to the corresponding number of modules installed in the tray. Each power section is fused separately with light indicating fuse holders that let you know upon fuse failure. A 6' power cable and Mil-Grade Cinch Jones plug safely carry all power to the rear of the Rack Tray.

The 7U main Rack Tray is comprised of cold rolled steel with the exception of the rear back block. Fabricated with brushed aluminum for extra shielding, it houses six 10-pin Cinch Jones connectors that pass audio as well as power to the modules. On the rear of the tray, you'll find a deep well Cinch Jones socket for the PSU connection, and Neutrik XLR ins and outs.


The CA-286 Amplifier is our modular tube mic, line, and booster amplifier. The two-stage circuit is a modern combination of tube gain stages from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Utilizing a unique NF/Tone shaping circuit, the amp can be voiced from smooth, dark, and distant to in-your-face vintage fidelity. Each module uses custom interchangeable transformers, NOS 'Paper and Oil' capacitors, mil-spec carbon comp resistors, and a pair of NOS EF86 vacuum tubes. Combining a classic design approach with high-quality custom and NOS ingredients, the CA-286 is a timeless and flexible amplifier that will reinvent any microphone collection.

The CA-286 Amplifier is available
in two different chassis configurations:

The PS-6 version is a fully removable module for use with our 6 channel PS-6 Rack Tray. Each channel is easily removable via two thumb screws for flexibility, expandability, and transformer substitution.

Coil Audio PS6 rack with 5 ch. CA-286 or CA-70
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