Josephson e22S Series Six Microphone

The Josephson e22S side-address cardioid was designed to meet the needs of noted recording engineer Steve Albini. The physical profile allows unobtrusive placement, even with tight percussion layouts. Unique among studio condenser microphones, the e22S capsule geometry is optimized for spot miking performance. The circuit uses a cascode discrete FET front end, combined with a custom Lundahl output transformer. The electronics were designed to interface easily with either transformer or direct coupled mic preamps. The e22S has low self-noise, so it delivers low level detail, and handles high sound pressure levels for minimal distortion on extremely loud passages. The microphone housing is very rugged, with a precision machined, satin black chrome finish.

Directional pattern Cardioid
Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz ±2 dB from curve
Sensitivity 3.0 mV/Pa
Rated impedance 200 ohms
Equivalent noise level 200 ohms 15 dB SPL A-weighted
Maximum SPL 144 dB
Weight 180 g
Dimensions 21mm diameter, 190mm long, 30mm head

Josephson e22S Series Six Microphone
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