Tree Audio The Branch II All Tube Channel Strip

All Tube Channel Strip 

Mic Pre / Line Input / Direct Input (Instrument In) 

EQ and Limiter 

Due to the overwhelming success of the original Branch channel strip, we've added some new features requested by many of our loyal clients. 

New Features! 

  • 80Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz Hi Pass Filter 
  • Veriable Gain Select 
  • Output Level pot 
  • Input Impedance Select: 37.5,150,600 Ohms 

Standard Features: 

  • Big Know Level Control Direct Input (Hi Z) 
  • Hi EQ 7k,10k,12k,16k CPS 
  • Lo EQ 50,80,100,400 CPS 
  • Limiter In / Out, HPF (250 CPS) 
  • Gain Reduction 
  • VU Adjust 
  • Line / Mic / Mic Phase Reverse 
  • Pad Off, -10dB, -20dB
  • 48VDC 
  • Mute 
  • Meter with meter select switch (line input, gain reduction, line output) 
  • Custom wound input / output transformers 
  • Vacuum tube and linear, fully regulated power supply
Tree Audio The Branch II All Tube Channel Strip
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