Tree Audo The Roots Jr. Console

The Roots Jr. is a non bussing version of our flagship console: The Roots. It has 8 full-featured channel strips. Excluding the stereo buss and aux sends, the channels are exactly the same as the Roots console.

The Roots Jr. replaces our very successful 820 brown sidecar, but with more features on each channel.

The external power supply is the same as the Roots console. It is a true high voltage regulated tube power supply for the tube section of the channel strips. Tube complements are (4) 6L6 tubes and (1) 12AX7 control tube.

Rear Panel:

Mic in, line in, direct out: Female XLRs on the rear panel. Mic in is used to plug in up to 8 microphones; line in is used for up to 8 line level signals. Male XLRs are used for the 8 balanced direct outputs of each channel.

Phantom power switch (all modules and talkback mic): This switch engages the 48Vdc phantom power for the 8 mic pres for use with phantom powered condenser microphones.

Power supply:

Our power supplies are built using 4 - 6L6 and 1 - 12ax7 vacuum tubes and are a big part of the sonics of the Roots console.

Tree Audo The Roots Jr. Console
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